Sylvanian Families Baby Bath Time Set





It`s bath time for Jason the Bear Baby, and his sister Andromeda the Bear is here to help!The Sylvanian Families Baby Bath Time Set includes all bathing essentials such as a baby bath, a baby bath robe, a towel, a sponge, 4 baby lotions, a storage shelf and basket in which to store these immaculately designed accessories.The teeny-tiny baby bath features an embellished rubber ducky, and there is even a rubber ducky toy for baby Jason to play with! Dry him off in the super fluffy and cosy bear-shaped towel and he can stay nice and snug in his yellow and white polka dot baby bath robe.The Baby Bath Time Set is perfect for furnishing your Sylvanian Families house, or even for just playing on its own.Includes 2 figures.Collectables

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